Our club was founded in early 2007.  Medina County had no running club to serve the community.   Therefore, a grassroots effort of volunteerism began and allowed this non-profit club to grow and continue to set goals for the future.  We are a member of the Road Runners Club of America.

We are “every runner.”  There is a place for everyone within this club.  Our club members range from those that simply run to stay in shape to those that live to compete.  We are slow and fast.  We run just one mile or have done one hundred mile races.  We are Boston qualifiers and we are just getting ready for our first 5K.  We have been running for less than a year and we have been running our whole lives.  We are ever-evolving in our goals.

If you are a “newbie”, you will benefit from the wisdom and experience of our veteran runners. They have many years of training and racing experience, some gained the hard way, that can be shared and learned from. If you are a veteran, you will benefit from a running community that “gets it” and understands and respects a running lifestyle. Training tips, inspiration, motivation and more are found within this club. If you are just starting out or looking to improve your running, joining Medina County Road Runners will serve as one of your best resources to reach your goals.

There are so many great reasons to join a running club! The number one reason is that you are part of a group that is like-minded and have a network of information and advice at your disposal. If you truly love this sport, you understand how important running clubs are to the community. They can serve as continued motivation for yourself to keep striving for a healthy lifestyle. Maybe your involvement in a running club gives you that extra boost of confidence to take on a new challenge. Maybe you’re new to running and want to avoid mistakes in training to avoid injury. Membership dues go a long way because our entire organization is non-profit and volunteer-based. Our continued work in the community and growth for future events is dependent on members’ dues so please consider joining our club so our members can support you and you can support a sport you love. – Thank you!


– Group Runs

– Fun and camaraderie galore

-Volunteer at our very own Medina Half Marathon & 5K.