5/28/12 2nd Annual Quickie Results!

Another great day for a quickie! A hot one, this time – as has been the trend this season.

Congratulations to Bob Pokorny and Angela Demchuck for winning the prediction run! Bob was just :03 off his guess, and Angela :09.

First place under 18 was Alan Dravenstott for the guys and Delaney Geiger for the girls.

Pete Jendre won a $10 gift card for setting a new course record for the guys: 11:33! First place female overall was Connie Gardner, but no record for her. 🙂

Here are the results:

Pete Jendre 11:33

Steve Combs 12:02

Jeff LeBlanc 12:31

David Eliason 13:37

Alan Dravenstott 14:17

Connie Gardner 14:18

Dan Horvath 15:50

Shari Geiger 16:05

Donna Hofmeister 16:12

Ryan Berthold 16:18

Denise Carol 16:24

Alex Hofmeister 17:21

Michelle Wolff 17:40

Andy Wolff 17:40

Delaney Geiger 17:50

Bob Pokorny 17:57

Angela Demchuck 18:21

Barb Clutter 19:07

Christy LeBlanc 19:12

Kayla Hofmeister 19:42

Emily Scheel 20:14

Rob Scheel 20:16

Aidan Elisaon 20:51

Elissa Scheel 22:36

Debbie Scheel 22:36

Nancy Danisek 22:56

Felicia Fago 23:07

Andrew Eliason 23:29

Lisa Eliason 23:29

Katia Demchuck 25:49

Dana Dravenstott 27:02

Samantha Dravenstott 27:35

Harold Dravenstott 27:35

Congrats to all the winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who donated food and drink!

Stay tuned for the Down and Dirty… coming in June!


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