Exclusive MCRR Hoodies!









I have a very exciting announcement that has been months in the making.

We have HOODIES!

I’ve wanted these for the longest time, and we finally got it all together and made it happen. They’re lightweight and adorable.

There are very limited quantities, and when they are gone, that’s it, we won’t be reordering. So get what you need right away. The weather is currently perfect for them.

The women’s is the soft green color and the men’s are grey. They fit a little snug, so if you are between sizes, maybe go up, although my regular size did fit me fine (as did our lovely model’s here).

Order online and you can either pick it up at my house (I’ll leave it out) or you can pay the shipping cost and I’ll send it right to you.

These would also make great gifts!

Order here: GET HOODIES!

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