Lightning Bug Run

Here’s a fun, and brand new race for everyone, right here in Medina – and it’s almost sold out so don’t wait!

From the website:

Imagine walking or running in beautiful Buckeye Woods Park, your feet crunching on the gravel trail as you pass under majestic trees, cross a stream and go around a natural marsh filled with wildflowers, ducks, Canada geese, frogs and other unseen critters.

Now imagine following the same path at night. Everything has changed. Awareness of your surroundings is heightened by the darkness. A trail of light created by 1,500 luminaries placed along the path shows you the way. Sound awesome? You can count on it being really, really awesome!

Find out more on their website here: Lightning Bug Run

One thought on “Lightning Bug Run

  1. Marsha

    What a cool race this will be!!! I wish I could run it but am running the Cleveland Marathon the next day. So I will be out there cheering all you guys on!!!

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