MCRR Quickie #1 Results/Photos

A huge thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our “Quickie” on Monday. Especially to Jeannine, for planning it, and Jan and Nancy for helping man the fort, and Dan DeRosha for taking pictures (and getting them processed so quickly!).

Our winners were:

Quickie Queen: Connie Gardner
Quickie King: Pete Jendre

Winner of the prediction pot of $75 was Tara LaFlamme, who predicted her time within 3 seconds, narrowly edging out Dan Horvath, who was only off by 6!

(Hint for next time: All but one of you came in FASTER than your prediction!)

Winner of the gift basket donated by Root Candles was Jen Hacker.

Full Results:

Pete Jendre 12:40
Dan Horvath 13:44
Bob Pokorny 13:54
Mike Patalita 14:37
Jack Reilly 14:47
Ladd Clifford 14:53
Daniel Bellinger 15:49
Dan Daubner 17:01
John McCarroll 17:45
Charles Elkins 18:44
Barney Leslie 18:45
Dave Walder 18:49
Chris Kovacs 20:02
Kenny Welch 20:34

Connie Gardner 13:32
Susan Hooper 15:23
Tara LaFlamme 15:59
Marsha Clifford 18:27
Jeannine Nicholson 18:29
Tara Elkins 19:18
Heather DeRosha 19:18
Dawn Gummo 20:08
Barb Clutter 20:34
Angela Demchuk 21:30
Jen Hacker 24:20
Katia Demchuk 27:31
Felicia Demchuk 27:35

Race photos can be viewed/downloaded here: MCRR Quickie Photos

Thanks again, Dan for the photos!

See you all at the next Quickie, June 30th on the Huffman Trails (more info to follow!)

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