MCRR – Who Are We?

Now that we’re into our new year, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about MCRR.  There seems to be some confusion as to what we do, what we don’t do, and where we stand in the running community.

MCRR is organized as a member club of the Road Runners Club of America.  All rostered MCRR members are also RRCA members.  We should be aware of the RRCA’s stated purpose:

“The RRCA promotes and encourages distance running as a national and international competitive sport, and it improves national fitness and health by supporting running and jogging.  Toward those goals, the RRCA promotes and conducts races or other running activities; disseminates information on running via publications, presentations and educational programs; takes part in or conducts research; makes awards; offers management guidance to member organizations; and does related activities.”

From the MCRR about page:

“We are “every runner”.  There is a place for everyone within this club.  Our club members range from those that simply run to stay in shape to those that live to compete.  We are slow and fast.  We run just one mile or have done one hundred mile races.  We are Boston qualifiers and we are just getting ready for our first 5K.  We have been running for less than a year and we have been running our whole lives.  We are ever evolving in our goals.”

As a nonprofit RRCA member club, MCRR considers itself a community benefit organization.  It accepts dues which are spent by volunteer board members (elected by club members in an annual secret ballot).  These board members spend dues in the following ways:
* As a member club of the RRCA, a portion of these dues are paid to the parent organization, for which we are provided insurance and organizational assistance.  Every member of our club is protected by this insurance at any MCRR-sponsored event.
* MCRR uses funds to help organize and sponsor charitable events and encourge members to provide community benefit.  A great example this year is the volunteer incentive program which rewards MCRR members for volunteering their time at community benefit events.  Occasionally, some of these events will list MCRR as a partial beneficiary of funds, which helps futher offset costs to members.
* Events are subsidized or wholely paid for by MCRR funds.  This includes picnics, the annual banquet, and several direct member benefits throught the year.  Many people don’t realize that each banquet ticket we sell or event we sponsor has costs associated that are not passed on to members by way of entry or ticket fees.  Every ticket sold at a club-only event is sold at a material loss.

It is important to recognize what MCRR is NOT.  At no time do we:
* Sell products, services, or sponsor or promote any profitable concern.  We invite sponsors to take part in our charitable events and may invite community specialists or businesses to speak at our club meetings, and our members and officers may share their personal opinions on products or services, but at no time does the club profit from or recommend any product or service above any other
* Derive financial benefit from the sale of products or services or from generating goodwill leading to the sale of products or services
* Exclude members from our events.  It is clear from our about page that we are and always intend to be an inclusive organization.  Not all events work out for all parties, but we will do what we can to accommodate everyone, and we encourage our members to reach out for us for assistance.  We are all in this together.
* Distribute funds to officers or board members by way of salary or compensation.  All of our officers and board members are volunteers.  We may pay for products or services that benefit the members of the club or the community at large, but at no time are our volunteer board members or officers financially compensated for their service in that capacity.

Finally, remember that our board meeting dates and times are published, and members are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate in the governance of MCRR.  We exist to serve our membership, and our membership guides and governs our actions.

Thanks for taking the time to listen, and have a great 2015!

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