Miles for Madison 5k

Introducing a brand new MCRR event!

You can register for this race online at this linkor download a mail-in form by clicking here.

Miles for Madison is a 5k Run and Kids Fun Run scheduled for April 6, 2013 to raise awareness and funds for Stevens Johnson Syndrome. The run will be on a FAST and FLAT course in Creston, OH, starting and finishing at Norwayne High School.

About Madison:

My name is Madison and I am 10 years old and in the fifth grade. I have two sisters. I love to play soccer, basketball and the flute. I have always been a healthy girl. One day I started to feel yucky with a headache, cough and a fever. My mom thought it was just the flu. After several days, we noticed that I had a high fever and blisters in my mouth. My parents took me to Urgent Care that evening and they said I had a sinus infection and something viral causing the blisters and rash that was on my elbows.

The next day when I woke up from a nap, my mom was very alarmed. My lips and face were swollen, my eyes very red, and my rash was spreading. She called our family doctor immediately. Once the doctor took a good look at me, she said that my mom needed to take me straight to Akron Children’s Hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, many different doctors came and took a look at me. They put a needle in my arm to give me fluids. After running several medical tests, the infectious disease doctor told us that I had Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. I also had pneumonia which triggered the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

I ended up spending a couple of days in the PICU. It was there that they put me on oxygen and put a PICC line to give me my medicine. I was a on a lot of medicine for my pain, pneumonia, and the infection in my eyes. The doctors told me and my parents that Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is like having a second degree burn, but mine was mostly on the inside. My immune system started to attack my own body. It attacked my eyes, nose, mouth, lips, throat, lungs, and urinary tract system. It was very painful. I could not eat, so I had to have a feeding tube. The burn unit even had to clean out the dead skin in my mouth and on my lips.

I was lucky, though, because my parents got me to the hospital early. I only had to spend 13 days in the hospital, while others like me have to spend a lot more time there.

Once I got home, it still took me awhile to get better. I had a hard time eating and I was tired a lot. But I will get back to my old self, soon.

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You can register for this race online at this link – or download a mail-in form by clicking here.

Questions can be directed to the Race Director, Jeannine Nicholson at jeanninenicholson (at)

Hope to see you there!

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