New Event! Road Rage Pump & Run 5k


Just run the 5k, or participate in the Pump & Run.  Either way, it’ll be a great race!  Join us!

  • Date: June 28th, 7pm race time, Pump times 5pm – 6pm
  • Wadsworth Rittman Hospital 195 Wadsworth Rd, Wadsworth
  • Online registration available at
  • Cash prize $50 1st place male/female Pump and Run and $150 1st place male/female 5k
  • Age Group awards
  • $20 preregistered, $25 after June 21st (must be received by), Pump and 5k $25 preregistered, $30 after June 21st
  • Unisex t-shirt for first 100 preregistered participants
  • Post Race party with Race specials at the Galaxy Sports Bar and Patio (201 Park Center Drive Wadsworth)

Bench Chart

*must be 18 or over to participate in Pump

Age Contestants will bench press

18-39 Men 100% of body weight/Women 70%

40-49 Men 90% of body weight/Women 60%

50-59 Men 80% of body weight/Women 50%

60 + Men 70% of body weight/Women 40%


Bench Press Rules

  1. Bench Press weight amount determined by Age and Gender. Lifting weight will be rounded to nearest multiple of 5.
  2. Rep begins at full arm extension, then lowered until bar touches chest, then back to full extension. No resting pause! A noticeable resting pause at either of these positions will nullify the rep.
  3. Shoulder blades and buttocks must stay in contact with bench at all times. Feet must remain flat on ground at all times. Failure to maintain this posture will nullify the rep.
  4. Hands must be inside or touching the smooth rings on the bar. No suicide grip.
  5. During weigh in minimum attire must be shorts, t-shirt/sports bra, and socks.
  6. NO BOUNCING BAR OFF CHEST! Rep will not count if bar is bounced off chest.
  7. Maximum number of reps counting towards Pump and Run is 30. Each rep counts as 30 seconds off your race time.
  8. No bench shirts, no elbow wraps. Wrist wraps are allowed.
  9. If you have a physical disability that prevents you from full arm extension during bench please speak to a race official prior to your lift.
  10. Weigh in will be without shoes and rounded to nearest 5 pound increment. ( ie- 151 lbs will list as 150 lbs and 153 will list as 155 lbs)

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  1. connie vance

    I wondering if I could sign up the day of the race I did not make the dead line for sign-up.This for the road rage 5k pump and run in Wadsworth.

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