1000 Mile Club

Congratulations to the following people, who all met their 2017 running goals!

Dick Amos
Dennis Amstutz
Beth Bugner
Sydney Chinchana
Ladd Clifford
Nancy Danisek
Harold Dravenstott
Frank Dwyer
Lisa Eliason
Felicia Fago
Roberta Gangl
Shari Geiger
Christy Gnat
Dan Horvath
Stacie Humm
Chip Jenkins
Dolores Manhoff
Dave Marks
Ray Miller
Tim Pepe
Samantha Porvasnik
Ron Ross
Rachel Straub
Tammy Webb
Ron Webb

Special mention for the top mileage earners for the year:

Ron Ross: 3481
Roberta Gangl: 2029.25

Great job everyone! Keep up the hard work!

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