2017 Buckeye Woods 50k/25k Results

Thank you to everyone (runners, volunteers, family members and pets) who came out to participate in our annual BW50K event this Sunday. It was a sunny yet crisp day, but best of all it stayed dry. This race is my favorite club event and one of the things that makes our club great! Thank you to Alyssa Osborne for providing the wonderful finisher medals.

Congratulations to our first-time 50k finishers. You reached a new level of crazy-running today and we couldn’t be more proud to share it with you. Also, congrats to our 25k and 50k winners.

First Last Time Distance Notes
Frank Dwyer 4:34 50K 1st Overall-50K
Dan Horvath 5:12 50K
Kelly Parker 5:14 50K 1st Female-50K
Miranda Kibler 5:43 50K 1st 50K-Congratulations
Lori Harvey 5:43 50K
Chip Jenkins 6:14 50K 1st 50K-Congratulations
Matthew Berthold 6:21 50K 1st 50K-Congratulations
Mike Patalita 6:21 50K
Samantha Porvasnik 6:46 50K 1st 50K-Congratulations
Jennifer Genevish 8:02 50K
Kim Loucek 9:14 50K 1st 50K-Congratulations
Alyssa Osborne 9:14 50K
Alissa Kolarik 2:04 25K 1st Overall-25K
Drew Williams 2:10 25K 1st Male-25K
Randy Osborne 2:10 25K 1st Male-25K
Adam Swiat 2:14 25K
Walter Orwin 2:19 25k
Ladd Clifford 2:27 25K
Bob Pokorny 2:27 25K
Ron Webb 2:34 25K
Tim Pepe 2:37 25K
Andy Wolff 2:40 25K
Jon Souders 3:01 25K
Lisa Eliason 3:25 25K
Suzanne Sharpe 3:26 25K
Sydney Chinchana 3:26 25K
Raymond Miller 3:29 25K
Dave Sours 3:51 25K
Igor Skalsky 5:47 25K
Jennifer Ridgway 15 miles
Debbie Scheel 12 miles
Ron Ross 11 miles
Kathy Ross 11 miles
Kate Reusch 11 miles
Dennis Amstutz 11 miles
Beth Bugner 11 miles
Felicia Fago 11 miles
Maureen Oblander 10 miles
Nancy Danisek 7 miles
Keith Johnston 10 miles
Mallory Bergstresser 10 miles
Rachel Straub 6 miles

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