2013 Awards / Winners


January 25th, 2014 brought us our annual awards banquet. Many members battled snow, wind and cold to be a part of what is always a wonderful night of food, drinks, dancing and friends.

The following people were our nominees for the 2013 awards. Winners in *bold.

Runner of the Year – Male: Dan Horvath, Jack McDaniel, *Ron Ross

Runner of the Year – Female: *Beth Bugner, Connie Gardner, Patti Tomasello

Most Improved: Chip Jenkins, *Keith Johnston, Stephanie Mueller

Rookie of the Year – Male: *Chip Jenkins, Brian Rosenstock, Chris Wolny

Rookie of the Year – Female: Angela Demchuck, *Felicia Fago, Stephanie Mueller

Outstanding Volunteer: Roy Heger, *John McCarroll, Jan Roe

Club Ambassador: Beth Bugner, *Marsha Clifford, Angie Kovacs

Mentor of the Year: Marsha Clifford, Charles Elkins, *Angie Kovacs

Most Inspiring: Beth Bugner, Charles Elkins, *Patti Tomasello

Most Likely to Push the Pace on a Group Run: *Jeff LeBlanc, Patti Tomasello, Sarah Vaccarrelli

Class Clown: *Harold Dravenstott, Angie Kovacs, John Pavlick

Most Likely to Get Lost: Alan Dravenstott, *Amy Grentzer, Bob Pokorny

Best Dressed: Barb Clutter, Amy Grentzer, *Dolores Manhoff

Best Comeback: Beth Bugner, *Barb Clutter, John Pavlick

Most Talkative: Shari Geiger, *Michelle Herter, Patti Tomasello

Most Likely to Reach Their Goals: Angela Demchuck, *Alan Dravenstott, Sarah Vaccarelli

Huge thanks to the nominating committee for this year: Nancy Danisek, Michelle Herter, Crystal Friend, Harold Dravenstott, Ron Ross, Beth Bugner, Amy Grentzer, Denise Carol, Keith Johnston and Jennifer Ridgway.

As a team they all worked together to come up with both the categories for the awards and the nominees, and there wasn’t one cat fight. Kudos!

Special thanks to Ron Ross for coming up with the questions for the survey. The surveys were very very helpful in selecting runners for each category, since no matter how active you are, you never know EVERYONE. Next year we hope to have an even more thorough survey, as well as more people filling it out! We want to recognize you!

Thanks to Beth for taking the ball and running with it on the awards themselves. I guess she doesn’t have enough to do with work, the Medina Half, raising 3 kids, and training for Boston. If I had half that energy…

Lastly, thanks to my co-emcee Harold for taking the pressure off me and announcing the winners. The school board election gave me more time in front of a microphone than I ever wanted, so I definitely wasn’t looking for more.

See you all next year! Stay healthy and keep running.

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