Spring Training

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Training for a Spring Half-Marathon or Marathon? Like warm winter road running on the Hills of Hinckley? That first hill on Bellus will surely do the trick. Join us for weekly training runs, Sunday mornings at Hinckley Metropark. We will begin these runs on Sunday, January 19, 2014.


TheA Run at Hinckley 2re are three choices. If you’re an over-achiever, you can try two, or all three of them.The early-birds will start at 5:15 AM, middle of the road folks will begin at 7:00 AM, and the late risers can roll out of bed and begin running at 8:30 AM. The loop is a on the hilly roads around the part. It’s nine miles. You can add on three mile lake loops if you wish.


It may be best to begin with one nine-mile loop, gradually increase the length by adding one or more lake loops, and possibly work up to two big ones.


Meet at the large parking lot adjacent to the spillway.


See you there!


A Run at Hinckley 1

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