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December 2023 Brunswick Marathon Results

Frank Dwyer 4:02 (new course record)
Dan Horvath 4:13 (last place… dead last)

Joe Francescangeli 1:42
Dave Marhefka 1:42
Shannon Barnes 1:55
Julie Boggs 2:12 (ran 19.5 miles total)
Katherine Kinsey 2:12
Andy Wolff 2:12 (ran 19.5 miles total)
Jon Souders 2:14
Michelle Wolff 2:27 (ran some extra miles just for fun)

Other Participants (other times and distances)
Rick Roman (ran a marathon or so with an earlier start)
Jonathan Hicks (ran is first half-marathon earlier in 2:18)
Igor Skalski (ran a half-marathon virtually)
Harold Dravenstott (one 6.5 mile loop)
Debbie Hicks (one plus 6.5 mile loop)
Theresa Wright (one plus 6.5 mile loop)
Ben Boggs (one 6.5 mile loop ((with Mom)) in 1:06)

2023 Buckeye Woods 25K and 50K Results

2023 BW50K Results
Julie Boggs 50K 5:55
Andy Wolff 50K 6:24

2023 BW25K Results
Patrick Baker 25K 2:15 24 miles
Alan Dravenstott 25K 2:15 24 miles
Ladd Clifford 25K 2:33
Chadwick Sunday 25K 2:35
Bob Pokorny 25K 2:38
Katherine Kinsey 25K 2:39
Shannon Barnes 25K 2:39
Dan Horvath 25K 2:39
Chip Jenkins 25K 3:06
Randall Shorr 25K 3:14
Monica Owen 25K 3:14
George Themelis 25K 3:26
Ursula Drinko 25K 3:26

2023 BW Other Results
Theresa Wright 10 miles
Ben Boggs 10 miles
Jon Souders 11 miles
Michelle Wolff 8 miles

2023 Brunswick (Half) Marathon

No one went the entire marathon distance this year. But there were several brave half-marathon finishers. We had some additional participants as well. Congratulations to all!

Brunswick Half Marathon – winners
Frank Dwyer01:59:00First male, first overall!!! Ran a cooldown 6.55 mile loop.
Jonathon Souders02:14:11First in height division!
Michelle Wolff02:20:02First female! Get that trophy ready!!
Chadwick Sunday02:24:00First place among males who aren’t Frank or Jon!! Also ran extra miles.
Dan Stock02:24:31First old guy.
Igor Skalski02:53:17First really old guy!!!
Brunswick Half Marathon – other participants
Andy Wolffone loop
Harold Dravenstottone loop
Mallory Bergstresserone loop
Dan Horvathdid not start

2022 Brunswick Marathon

The Brunswick Marathon took place on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2022. Two runners, Michael Kazar and Felicia Fago, completed the entire marathon distance. Several others ran the half. It was a great day for running. But aren’t they all?

1Michael Kazar26.26:15Mens Champion and Tie for overall
2Felicia Fago26.26:15Womens Champion and Tie for overall
Walter (Larry) Orwin13.11:53New ½ course record!
Igor Skalski13.12:31Virtual
Andy Wolff13.12:34Tie
Michelle Wolff13.12:34Tie
Julie Boggs13.12:39Tie
Theresa Wright13.12:39Tie
Dan Horvath13.12:39Tie
Harold Dravenstott6.55

MCRR Summer Buckeye Woods 25K

Winner Chadwick Sunday (center) with Dan Horvath and Michelle Wolff

A small but mighty cadre of MCRR runners tackled the MCRR Summer Buckeye Woods 25K on September 12, 2021. An even smaller (but arguably mightier) group of runners actually completed the course: Julie Boggs, Theresa Wright, and overall winner Chadwick Sunday. Congratulations!!

Some of the other participants include Michelle Wolff, Michelle Daum, Ladd Clifford, Race Director Dan Horvath, and several others.

2020 Buckeye Woods 50K / 25K


The 11th Annual Buckeye Woods 50K / 25K took place November 29, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was a toned-down version with fewer runners than usual. Chadwick Sunday, Amanda Bohley, Igor Skalski, and Jon Souders completed at least 25K, and Dan Horvath (who is much too dumb to quit) completed the 50K. Several other club members came out to run as well. See you next year!

Name Distance Time Comments
Dan Horvath 50k 5:52
Chadwick Sunday 25 miles 4:15 Distance PR. Way to go Chadwick!
Amanda Bohley 25k 2:35
Igor Skalsky 25k 2:45
Jon Souders 25k 3:18
Debbie Scheel 12 miles
Sydney Chinchana 10 miles 1:51
Bob Pokorny 7 miles 1:13
Dennis Amstutz 5 miles
Theresa Wright 5 miles
Harold Dravenstott 5 miles 1:24

Buckeye Woods 25K/50K – December 1, 2019


Buckeye Woods 50k
December 1st, 2019 7:31am
Name Distance Time
Frank Dwyer 50k 5:20
Amy Hutton 25k 2:25
Bob Pokorny 25k 2:31
Harold Dravenstott 25k 2:49
Matt Hutton 25k 2:49
Dan Horvath 25k Finished
Beth Bugner 11 miles
Pete Schwanke 11 miles
Renee Harden 11 miles
Sydney Chinchana 11 miles
Dennis Amstutz 6 miles
Rachel Straub 6 miles
Theresa Wright 6 miles