2022 Brunswick Marathon

The Brunswick Marathon took place on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2022. Two runners, Michael Kazar and Felicia Fago, completed the entire marathon distance. Several others ran the half. It was a great day for running. But aren’t they all?

1Michael Kazar26.26:15Mens Champion and Tie for overall
2Felicia Fago26.26:15Womens Champion and Tie for overall
Walter (Larry) Orwin13.11:53New ½ course record!
Igor Skalski13.12:31Virtual
Andy Wolff13.12:34Tie
Michelle Wolff13.12:34Tie
Julie Boggs13.12:39Tie
Theresa Wright13.12:39Tie
Dan Horvath13.12:39Tie
Harold Dravenstott6.55

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