December 2023 Brunswick Marathon Results

Frank Dwyer 4:02 (new course record)
Dan Horvath 4:13 (last place… dead last)

Joe Francescangeli 1:42
Dave Marhefka 1:42
Shannon Barnes 1:55
Julie Boggs 2:12 (ran 19.5 miles total)
Katherine Kinsey 2:12
Andy Wolff 2:12 (ran 19.5 miles total)
Jon Souders 2:14
Michelle Wolff 2:27 (ran some extra miles just for fun)

Other Participants (other times and distances)
Rick Roman (ran a marathon or so with an earlier start)
Jonathan Hicks (ran is first half-marathon earlier in 2:18)
Igor Skalski (ran a half-marathon virtually)
Harold Dravenstott (one 6.5 mile loop)
Debbie Hicks (one plus 6.5 mile loop)
Theresa Wright (one plus 6.5 mile loop)
Ben Boggs (one 6.5 mile loop ((with Mom)) in 1:06)

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