2020 Buckeye Woods 50K / 25K


The 11th Annual Buckeye Woods 50K / 25K took place November 29, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was a toned-down version with fewer runners than usual. Chadwick Sunday, Amanda Bohley, Igor Skalski, and Jon Souders completed at least 25K, and Dan Horvath (who is much too dumb to quit) completed the 50K. Several other club members came out to run as well. See you next year!

Name Distance Time Comments
Dan Horvath 50k 5:52
Chadwick Sunday 25 miles 4:15 Distance PR. Way to go Chadwick!
Amanda Bohley 25k 2:35
Igor Skalsky 25k 2:45
Jon Souders 25k 3:18
Debbie Scheel 12 miles
Sydney Chinchana 10 miles 1:51
Bob Pokorny 7 miles 1:13
Dennis Amstutz 5 miles
Theresa Wright 5 miles
Harold Dravenstott 5 miles 1:24

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