2016 Memorial Day Quickie (Results)

Another fun day was had by all!

Prediction Winner: Jordan Vince – 17:36 (17:48)

First Male: Radu Diaconu – 13:12

First Female: Beth Bugner – 14:59


Name Finish Time Prediction
Radu Diaconu 13:12 15:15
Bob Pokorny 13:50 16:00
Eric Vunderink 14:22
Beth Bugner 14:59 15:58
Michelle Wolff 17:08 18:23
Tim Pepe 17:24 17:40
Jordan Vince 17:36 17:48
Mallory Bergstresser 18:40 20:00
Dave Sours 19:35 24:00
Caitlin Oblander 27:50 25:30
Josh Oblander 27:50 25:30
Malcolm Dancer 35:30
Veronica Dancer 35:30
Dan Horvath 35:31

NEW! Tick Tock Race Series

If you missed the meeting, you missed a fun announcement! It’s a new event for official MCRR members only, and this one is a series!
WHAT: Runners will be placed on Team Tick/Tock as they arrive at the event. Teams will run in opposite directions (counter/clockwise) on the All Purpose Trail (asphalt) from the Hinckley Boathouse and the team with the fastest combined time will be the CHAMPIONS!
This event is “honor system” timed and it is important that runners provide their own timing apparatus and record times upon finishing.
Children are welcome to participate if they can hang for three miles.
WHEN: WEDNESDAY NIGHTS in OCTOBER (10/7, 14, 21, 28)
6 PM~Registration, RACE @ 6:15 PM
WHERE: Hinckley Lake Boathouse~1 West Drive, Hinckley, OH 44233
We are going to have a cook-out following the race each week (weather permitting). We will have the cook-out at the Johnson’s Picnic Area by the Boathouse. Bring what you would like to grill, a SIDE DISH/DESSERT to share and provide your own beverage. We need ONE person to “man” the grill (fire up the charcoal and cook while we are running). The GRILL MASTER will earn volunteer hours for the coveted jacket!
BYOB-Bring Your Own Bread or plan to share with someone bc it’s not on the donation list.
REGISTER: sign up

Exclusive MCRR Hoodies!









I have a very exciting announcement that has been months in the making.

We have HOODIES!

I’ve wanted these for the longest time, and we finally got it all together and made it happen. They’re lightweight and adorable.

There are very limited quantities, and when they are gone, that’s it, we won’t be reordering. So get what you need right away. The weather is currently perfect for them.

The women’s is the soft green color and the men’s are grey. They fit a little snug, so if you are between sizes, maybe go up, although my regular size did fit me fine (as did our lovely model’s here).

Order online and you can either pick it up at my house (I’ll leave it out) or you can pay the shipping cost and I’ll send it right to you.

These would also make great gifts!

Order here: GET HOODIES!

MP6 – aka Mugrage Park 6 Hour Results

Since we had the park all day for the picnic, Dan Horvath decided we should use it to run for 6 hours. That’s logical, right?

34 brave MCRRs showed up. Some ran the whole 6 hours, others just a couple times around. Good times were most certainly had by all.

Special thanks to Will Bertemes who donated the custom Brooks hats for the first 25 registered. We love loot! And to the Medina Half for dropping off some loot bags and most importantly WATER! And, of course, to Dan Horvath for putting it all together, and Ron Ross, Renee Harden and Rob Lisy for counting our laps. Maybe there were others, I only ran 8 laps so I wasn’t there to see all the volunteers. 😉

ALSO, to John McCarroll for tirelessly taking photos, once again. They can be seen here: 6 Hour Photos by John McCarroll

First Last S Laps Miles
CJ Orwin F 49 42.92
Jeannine Nicholson F 43 37.67
Ladd Clifford M 42 36.79
Dan Horvath M 40 35.04
Jack Sharpe M 37 32.41
Roy Heger M 36 31.54
Debbie Scheel F 36 31.54
Walter Orwin M 36 31.54
Felicia J Fago F 34 29.78
Angela Demchuk F 33 28.91
Suzanne Sharpe F 33 28.91
Frank Dwyer M 31 27.16
Kenny Welch M 30 26.28
Tim Pepe M 24 21.02
Theresa Wright F 24 21.02
Bob Pokorny M 23 20.15
Rob (EPIC) Lisy M 20 17.52
Shari Geiger F 19 16.64
Patti Tomasello F 19 16.64
Maureen Cavanaugh Oblander F 18 15.77
Michelle Wolff F 18 15.77
Amy Grentzer F 18 15.77
Garrett Wright M 17 14.89
Harold Dravenstott M 16 14.02
Caitlin Oblander F 16 14.02
Allen Morrow M 13 11.39
Thomas Patton M 13 11.39
Beth Bugner F 12 10.51
Barry Smolnoff M 12 10.51
Jennifer Ridgeway F 12 10.51
Christy Gnat F 11 9.64
Angie Kovacs F 9 7.88
Douglas Morgan M 4 3.50
Cynthia Lipinski F 4 3.50